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Please join us on Saturday 17th May 2014 for our next meeting, when we’ll be joined by Dr Kristin Aune, who is an lecturer in sociology and Director of the Centre for Society, Religion & Belief at the University of Derby.

Kristin has published widely on gender, religion and feminism, and we’re really honoured she’s agreed to be our speaker in May.  She’ll be speaking about feminism, why it’s both thriving and necessary at the moment, and how we can all better challenge gender injustices and promote equality.

For locations, maps, directions and so on, please click here.


Due to popular demand, we’ll be having an additional summer meeting this year, on Saturday 21st June - please put it in your diary!

At St Mary Aldermary as usual – arrive from 1.30pm for a 2.23pm start!




Don’t forget you can still listen to many of our previous talks online, including Steve Chalke’s fantastic Q&A and talk from November last year.  Listen to all of those here.




Please put all our forthcoming meeting dates in your diary!  St Mary Aldermary in central London are very generously hosting us for all of them.

17th May - 21st June - 20th September - 29th November.




What is Two:23?

 We are a network of Christians, connected by LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues, who have discovered that God loves us just as we are. This realisation frees us to unashamedly include and encourage all to discover the love of God for themselves, pursue the call of Christ and live in a way that cherishes others just as God cherishes us.

Where are we from?

We are a new network, established in late 2012, emerging from a variety of groups and individuals, who share a common experience of having had to seriously engage with personal issues of faith and sexuality. Some of us have been involved with Courage, an LGBT-affirming ministry run by Jeremy Marks. Jeremy retired in 2012 but his pastoral work with LGBT people continues – you can read his story here.

Where does the name ‘Two:23′ come from?

The name references a verse from the Old Testament prophet Hosea, who uses his own life as an allegory for God’s promise of love to the outsider, the excluded, to those who don’t comfortably fit in. Throughout the history of scripture this has had resonance for many people who feel they don’t quite belong for whatever reason.


I will say to those called ‘Not my people’, ‘You are my people’; and they will say ‘You are my God’.
Hosea 2:23


We’ve written a reflection on the passage which you can find here.

What do we do?

We hold five key meetings a year in a central London location on a Saturday afternoon. These involve some prayer and worship as well as a talk, and of course creating lots of opportunities for people to connect with new people, as well as catching up with old friends.


At a time when many of our churches are still sadly struggling to cope with fully affirming and including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, our vision is to create a space where absolutely everyone is welcome, whoever you are and wherever you’re at in terms of church or issues of sexuality and sexual identity. Whether you’ve been out and proud for years, or whether you’re still working through your beliefs regarding faith, gender and sexuality, we hope you will find a welcome here, with no pressure to be anything other than yourself. If you’ve never been to an LGBT-affirming event before, we hope you’ll feel especially welcome and safe.


Many of us are from evangelical backgrounds, but we now represent a broad church and aim to make all feel welcome.


Listen to some of our previous talks here.

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You can find our 2014 meeting dates, as well as directions and more information about where and when here.








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